About Highlevel

What is Highlevel Production


Highlevel production is a music production company, who works from the studio in the Stockholm area. Highlevel has among other things, produced groups like Starborn, Eddeazy and Ricky Benz. Highlevel has been in the business for quite a while and have been working with artists and producers around the country.


-My services-


I have worked on some large projects with several songs. Since each project is special, necessary service tailored to your needs. I can help you with everything from production, writing, recording and mixing. You just need to contact me about what your plans are for your creativity. Nothing is impossible for Highlevel Production. My services cost, depending on you needs. For more information about my prices contact me.


-Want an exclusive beat-


You know you can a buy a beat from me? Most of my beats are for sale. Exclusive beats means that you are buying all the rights to the beat and to the song you make! Its royalty free which means that I will charge you a one purchasing fee once, and that’s it! And the beat and music is yours!


If you are interested in buying a beat, you need to contact me to get a code and then you can listen to my music and pick a beat. I can also make a new beat only for you that fulfill your needs and will make everything for you to be satisfy. You can order a beat. You can also take a look at my other page www.FabulousBeats.com, and if you find something you like, but you want to buy it exclusive, please contact me. I will be answering you.


-Want to buy a beat non-exclusive-


Do you want to buy a beat non-exclusive, See my other homepage and visit www.FabulousBeats.com. Fabulous Beats is a website for those who want beat, and are located in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Fabulous Beats was created in 2014 by Highlevel Production and has the will and the focus on creating what is trendy now and for those who like underground music. What we mostly produce is Hip Hop, but we do everything from RnB, dancehall, house, reggaeton and Latin music wibe.


-Looking for a cooperation-


If you are looking for a producer to cooperate with, don’t hesitate to contact me. I love to work with creativity people and have done many projects before with artist. Cooperation could mean anything from a song to a whole album or major projects. Only the sky is the limit. Contact me so we can agree on a place and a time to meet in person and talk more. Contact between us is important, and Highlevel stands for personality, quality and knowledge.


-Need a sound engineer-


Do you need a sound engineer? Don´t hesitate to contact me. I can help you with everything from recording, writing, mixing and so on. For that, I charge 350 SEK per hour, and you can pay directly or pay with invoice.


Are you unsure how you want it or how long a recording can take, then just get in touch and I’ll tell more. It all depends on what job it is.


Sometimes you maybe want to record a song for a wedding, a bridal shower or a birthday. I am here. My studio is located north of Stockholm. Otherwise, there is a opportunity for me to come to you and record, but with an extra cost.


-Highlevel production is found by Tico Danielsson-


I am Tico, the founder of Highlevel Production and also the founder of Fabulous Beats. I was born in Colombia, and now I live in Sweden. I am a sound engineer and a producer.


Music is something that is dear to my heart and I started to produce beats. I studied music production in Stockholm in high school, since then it has only proceeded slowly up on the long stair.


After high school, I studied audio production program on SAE in Stockholm. It is a program specially adapted for producing good sound engineers and music producers for an industry in constant motion, with an emphasis on creativity, combined with a broad theoretical knowledge base. School gave me a kick to really get started and show what I can do. Music is a big part of my life. My passion for music is huge and I wish some day I could work with music full time.


-What I do-


Right now I’m working as a leisure assistant for living. I live with my girlfriend, her daughter and our little boy, north of Stockholm. My passion for music is huge and I wish some day I could work with music full time.


-Privacy Policy-


Processing of personal data. Highlevel Production committed to respecting and protecting your personal information and your privacy in accordance with applicable law (PUL), industry standards and other relevant standards.


I am here for you! And I will do my best to answer your question and to satisfy your needs. I can help you from everything, by a beat exclusive, make a song, make cooperation, or you can use me as a sound engineer.



Highlevel Production


Best regards

Tico Danielsson




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